A roleplay centered around a group of mercenaries known as the Forlorn Rangers and their exploits
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 Nikolai Chekov

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Nikolai Chekov
ethnicity: Russian

Niokali was at one time the leader of the KGB in Communist Russia and led it long after the Communists fell during the Winter War. Nikolai was the one who moved the operatins of the KGB to Cuba and upstarted its movements there. He grabbed Thompson back in the DSNY and tortured him for nearly a year killing him in the process, but he eventually teamed up with the Forlorn Rangers leaving behind the KGB during the Second Apocalypse. Nikolai is a cut throat, no real way around it, but his deep and underlying ulterior motives normally intertwine with others motives. He know leads the new KGB movement in Cuba and looks to spread KGB influence across the globe to compete with the rising Forlorn Rangers.

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Nikolai Chekov
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