A roleplay centered around a group of mercenaries known as the Forlorn Rangers and their exploits
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 Bradley, Johnson

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Name: Bradley, Johnson
DoB: 1/16/2030
PoB: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Race: Australia
Bio: Bradley was born actually inside China with only his mother who died of post birth complications and his father who eventually didn't come back around when Bradley was 9. Brad had to gather his own food, and once he was 14 he came across an old Iron Man comic which inspired him to try and create his own suit to destroy the bad guys of his life, the infected. It started with a simple scrap metal suit for protection that turned into his own personal Swiss army knife, well its armor though. Over the years he added things slowly now including, a make-shift hammer attached to his leg for storage, two sets of twin underhanded blades, two small home made spear launchers attached on the top of side of his arms, essentially mini harpoons, and a large backpack built into the back of the suit for food/ essentials storage. He survived like this, though his upgrades came slowly and with many mistakes, until he reached the age of around 18 when a helicopter flew over where he happened to be scavenging dropping fliers, detailing a free ride at a specific time to Australia which he gladly accepted and headed off, back to his home country where he casually lived in Brisbane working as a mechanic; doing his favorite thing to do on a daily basis tinkering with everything trying to fix or improve upon it.
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Bradley, Johnson
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